To create a dynamic, entrepreneurial model for sustainable development for the region and the world, through education and applied research to promote watershed management, ecosystem conservation, and transformative connections between people and the environment.


By welcoming teachers & students, gap year students, individuals and groups to participate in programs of environmental & community service, cultural immersion, outdoor adventure, personal growth, and workshops on skills we will become a model for environmental and wildlife protection that can be reproduced around the world.


To improve human development, ethical behavior, sustainable development, social consciousness,  and the search for knowledge and biodiversity conservation.


National and International teacher led courses for students. Teachers and students at Cirenas will have access to a fully equipped classroom (with space for up to 50 people) and natural spaces for research, experiential learning, cultural immersion and authentic connections. Our goal is for teachers and students to “leave their comfort zones and become more open minded, more confident and ready for life in our increasingly connected world."



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Gap Year:

Opportunities for carrying out fundamental and applied research in the natural and social sciences abound in CIRENAS and its surrounding areas. Our curriculum develops cross-cultural awareness, self-reliance, travel skills, personal growth, language acquisition, and other life-changing experiences. Many students benefit greatly from having additional time to mature and the opportunity to experience an increased sense of focus, before entering college or the “job world”. 

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Environmental & Community Service:

Protecting the Caletas-Arío National Wildlife Refuge is a priority, as well as connecting it to other terrestrial and marine protected areas in the region. We offer participants an opportunity to immerse themselves into a small rural community, develop long-lasting cross-cultural relationships and make positive contributions that will last a lifetime.

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Outdoor Adventure:

Whether you want to train with a team, join an existing group or train alone for an adventure race, mountain bike race, cross country running, Cirenas is ideally located in an area offering plenty of trails and back country roads with few motorized vehicles.  

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Teach a Workshop:

Are you an experienced and innovative teacher? Does your work align with Cirenas’ mission? Program offerings at Cirenas are selective and chosen based on a number of factors including mission alignment for personal and social change, subject relevance and uniqueness, presenter's experience, exposure and expertise, as well as space availability and timing. We schedule at least 3 months in advance and confirm the workshop with a contract on agreed terms and conditions.