Prior to arriving at Cirenas, PLEASE CONFIRM with your Cirenas Sales Agent your approximate time of arrival to the town of Manzanillo de Ario, on the Nicoya Peninsula. This is to coordinate your entry to the campus, as directions can get complicated. From Manzanillo de Ario to the Cirenas campus it is an additional 20 minute drive. During the rainy season (September – October) we do not recommend driving in, as driving conditions become difficult. During these months we will arrange a pick up for you or your group at the town of Manzanillo de Ario.

To arrive to Manzanillo de Ario, on the Nicoya Peninsula from San Jose, you take highway 27 to the Port of Puntarenas. You must check ferry times to be in line at least one hour prior to the ferry departure time. The ferry to take is the ¨Naviera Tambor to Paquera.¨ The ferry ride takes approximately 1 hour and 15 mns. Once in Paquera continue directions to the town of Cobano and then Manzanillo de Ario.

Guests can also arrive by plane from the San Jose or Liberia International airports to the Tambor local airstrip (flights with Sansa Airlines), and then rent a car or catch a cab to Cirenas. Another option is to take a shared mini van transfer with Zuma Tours from San Jose to Manzanillo de Ario, Cobano, Puntarenas. Once in Manzanillo de Ario we arrange your pick up to get you to Cirenas.


Travel to CIRENAS

CIRENAS is located 30 minutes North of Santa Teresa on the Pacific Coast.

By Air

From San Jose to Tambor (flight time is 30 minutes). Tambor is about a 1 hour and 45 minutes from the Cirenas campus.

By Car

From San Jose to Manzanillo: 6 hours approximately, including the ferry transfer.

From Liberia to Manzanillo: 3 hours and 30 minutes approximately.